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Thank you for your interest in buying "Don't be Afraid." Many have benefited greatly from the contents and principles this book offers. It is our hope you will not only find comfort, but the guidance we all need in overcoming any of life's chaotic events that create emotional stress, fear, and setbacks. Regardless of your past, you can live an abundant life. You can live fear-free. Victory can be yours!

DON’T BE AFRAID is a book that offers both inspiration and the “know how” in not only recognizing the areas of defeat, failure, or emotional traumas that keep a person bound, but to eliminate the source of it. What is the source? It is fear! God’s plan for mankind never intended for anyone to live afraid or defeated, and the Bible proved it by offering over 365 verses that specifically deal with eliminating fear and chaos from our lives. DON’T BE AFRAID is an interesting blend of Scripture and counseling techniques that help you see the truth so you can overcome past experiences, understand your true, deep, inner desires, and then be encouraged to proceed to fulfill your purpose and destiny in life. Anyone who reads this book from day-to-day, will be changed. You will live a new life. The life you’ve dreamed about living. The life God planned for you to live. Read it…and Don’t Be Afraid!

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Have you ever wondered why you repeatedly make the same mistakes, even when you know you shouldn't or you really don't want to? You pick the wrong partners, say the wrong things, or work at jobs you can't stand? We do what we do because of what's been stored in our soul (the mind, will, and emotions) filter. The soul's filter, just like any other filter, becomes clogged and dirty, and if left unattended, will eventually cause communication failure and breakdowns. Unless we are able to identify what is in our filter, and then learn how to eliminate it, it becomes impossible to successfully move forward. This book, with the workbook included, will train you to permanently remove these unproductive, self-sabotaging areas in your soul. It is designed in three parts: Identifying Your Foundation, Applying The Techniques For Change, Empowering You to Reach Your Destiny. Don't battle with the same issues any longer. You can be changed...You can move forward...You can achieve all you desire...You can reach your destiny in life!

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