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Don't Be Afraid is a book that offers both inspiration and the "know how" in not only recognizing the areas of defeat, failure, or emotional traumas that keep a person bound, but to eliminate the source of it. After counseling for over 20 years, Polly Harder, the author, has discovered the source is fear. She also had to learn to overcome fear and the day-to-day dramas that life brings. How did she do it?

 She discovered God's plan for mankind never intended for anyone to live afraid or defeated, and the Bible proved it by offering over 365 verses that specifically deal with eliminating fear and chaos from our lives. This book is an interesting blend of Scripture and counseling techniques that help one and all see the truth so they can overcome past experiences, understand their true, deep, inner desires, and then be encouraged to proceed to fulfill their purpose and destiny in life. Any and everyone who reads this book, from day-to-day, will be changed. You will live a new life. The life you've dreamed about living. The life God planned for you to live. Read this book, and Don't Be Afraid!

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