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 Polly Harder

Polly Harder received the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior as a young child. At age fifteen, God told her, "One day I'm going to ask you to do something for Me." However, because the church she attended didn't teach the salvation message or the gifts of the Spirit, Polly didn't know the power or authority she had in Christ Jesus. After living life "her way" for many years and suffering the consequences, she decided to call on God for help. The Lord directed her to a church where she heard for the first time that God wanted a personal relationship with her, He had a plan for her life, and how easy it was to get into the flow of His plan.

 It was then, at the age of twenty-seven, she realized the true meaning of becoming "born again." She experienced the realness of what it means to have Jesus Christ living in your heart. She also learned how to let God the Father become the father she grew up without, since her father suddenly died when she was eleven years old. From that time until now, He has become more than a friend to her. He has also become the Supreme Authority in every area of her life. It was at this point her exciting journey began.

However, walking with the Lord and learning His ways is a process. Since that time, because of her close, personal relationship with the Lord, Polly has learned what it means to "let go" and "let God." She has let go of the past baggage and fears in her life, and instead, has let God show her how to live by His ways...to "live" by faith. She knows the difference only He can make. She has discovered the truth and power that is found in His Word will change any circumstance, and beyond any doubt she can testify He is faithful to see that His Word comes to pass. She has allowed God to move in miraculous ways on her behalf.

Polly has owned and managed several companies. She has also worked in the areas of training, management, and counseling for several large corporations. In 1993, God's plan included starting Jordan House Ministries, Inc. Polly holds the positions of Director and President. JHM is a non-profit corporation whose vision is to help mentor individuals with their transition from an unproductive place in their lives toward the plans and purposes God has for them. Jordan House was named after the Jordan River. In the Old Testament everyone who reached the Promised Land first crossed the Jordan River. Jordan House Ministries does what is necessary to become the bridge, temporarily filling in the gap, so all those who want to crossover into what God promised for them will have the opportunity to do so.

Through effective communication, she uses her gifts to educate, train, and counsel. She also relies upon the gifts of the Holy Spirit through words of wisdom, knowledge, and the discerning of spirits. It's a combination of these skills that have empowered many to "crossover" to a new place of freedom and victory. Her precise direction and Biblical methods teach...you don't have to live afraid. You don't have to live defeated. You can live free of fear from your past, present, and future. This God given victorious lifestyle enables you to crossover from the "just barely existing" into living an abundant, more productive, fulfilling life!

Polly is available for both individual and group sessions. She develops and conducts seminars and training sessions for ministries and businesses.

The COMMUNICATION FOR LIFETM program is designed to improve individuals' communication skills and increase productivity. She is available for personal mentoring to aid individuals in discovering their purpose and destiny. If you would like more information regarding any of the sessions or if you would like to schedule a meeting time, please contact Polly at:


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